Toiles et poèmes - De l'aube au zénith

68 pages, 18 x 25 cm


Canvases & poems invent a new poetic-textile art. This collection combines textile canvas making with assembled ties and former poems which interrelate 25 years lated. The tie becomes a symbol of poetical speech. Writing with ties opens a original symbolic scope through luminous figurative paintings.


Never seen before : tie poems !

Canvases & poems is a collection of didactic poems made up of 10 paintings and 10 poems, which include an introductive part about the symbolic meaning of ties and explanations about the themes and technical details of each canvas. These figurative paintings emphasize the beauty of these recycled ties. This 68 page all colour book is intended for all poetry and textile art lovers, and particulary those interested in ties and in symbolic meaning.


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Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2013
Code EAN : 9782752101570
Output format : Printed format
Category : Poetry

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