Douar-Neizh - Land as my nest

104 pages , 14,5 x 20 cm


Ur barzhaz, ur bladenn, hag un arvest eo Douar-Neizh, skrivet hag aozet get Matyas Le Brun. Ur raktres liesvedia eo. Amañ e vo tu deoc’h prenañ (a-benn nebeut), lenn, selaou, gwelout Douar-Neizh. Ur raktres a-stroll eo, ouzhpenn 25 den o deus kemeret perzh ennañ : 15 lenner, 8 kouviad, 5 sonner, 1 liverez ha tud arall o deus sikouret.


Matyas Le Brun has used different way to express Douar-Neizh (Land as my nest) : it is a book with poems, a CD, and a show. It is a common project with 25 people : around 15 readers, 8 guests, 5 musicians, 1 painter and many other helpers into different process.


Audio CD included

Book french version DLT2260


Blog in Breton / French / English aubout Douar-Neizh

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Duration : 01:19:37
Material : Book with Audio CD included
Language : English and Breton
Date of publication : 2013
CD/DVD included : Audio CD included
Code EAN : 9782752102089
Output format : Printed format
Category : Poetry

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