A la lumière des mathématiques et à l'ombre de la philosophie

288 pages , 18 x 26 cm

Collection Musique-Sciences



This book presents a vast range of presentations from the mamuphi seminar (mathematics, music, and philosophy) held at the Ecole normale supérieure (Ulm, Paris). A plethora of reflections, rather than converging ideas: each one speaks in his own voice about his work to people who are experts from another domain. The question here is not simply to discuss the synthesis or the application of different forms of thinking, even less to combine them. The question here is to stimulate, to compare in order to differentiate, to test the gap that connects, while separating, mathematics, music, and philosophy.

Texts by Charles Alunni, Emmanuel Amiot, Yves André, Moreno Andreatta, Jean Bénabou, Francis Borceux, Andrea Cavazzini, Nancy Diguerher, Stéphane Dugowson, René Guitart, Xavier Hascher, Yves Hellegouarch, Franck Jedrzejewski, Julien Junod, Ralf Krömer, Pierre Lochak, Guerino Mazzola, François Nicolas, Joomi Park, Thierry Paul.


Collection Musique/Sciences



Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2012
Code EAN : 9782752101396
Output format : Printed format
Category : Science of music

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