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    Undergrowth music for piano

    Undergrowth music for piano

    Undergrowth music for piano

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    1 . My mosquito has a trick (timing 01’00’’)

    This piece allows a performance on a position of hands around middle C, without displacement. It will also allow to work on legato, and the independence of hands (linked/detached) in the measures 9-12.

    Level : 1st year.


    2 . A Toad on the do (timing 0’45’’)

    This title requires a work on chords to 4 sounds at the right hand (timbre and weight of hand/wrist/forearm), and independence to conduct two voice-leadings in the measure 15. The left hand plays the theme from the beginning to the end, with a marked articulation .

    Level : 2nd year.


    3 . The rag of field mouse (timing 1’00’’)

    Let us find the spirit of the ragtime with this piece which proposes a left hand with a progressive difficulty : little movement at the beginning , intervals not exceeding the octave , and finally double alternating notes with a bass. The melody in the right hand must adapt to various links and accidentals .

    Level : 3rd year.


    4 .The reflection of the slug (timing 1’38’’)

    Introduction with a quote from the famous "Letter to Elise ." The style goes away immediately of Beethoven with more modern harmonies (wrist flexibility left hand with an index often used as a pivot), an ubiquitus sustain pedal and key changes (up to 4 sharps). The climax measure 32, axis of symmetry of the piece, mark the reflection. Thus, measures 33 to the end, music « rewind ».

    Level : 6th year.


    5. The cobweb (timing 4’10’’) In this modern esthetic piece, tempo changes, nuances and are made ​​. The right hand must lead two voices simultaneously, and sometimes go the lower voice in the left hand (measure 20, for example). The keyboard is widely used in the hight register as in the low register . Appoggiatura and precise articulations (staccato, accents) enrich this rhythmic and varied music.

    Level : 7th year.

    • Code EAN : 9790232109459
    • Duration : 00:08:30
    • Pagination : 16
    • Style : Contemporary
    • Output format : Printed format
    • Format : 21 x 29,7 cm
    • Material : Score
    • Date of publication : 2014
    • Instrumentation : Piano
    • Level : (1 to 5/8) Easy to medium

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