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    Mechanical training für Gitarre - Vol. 2

    Mechanical training für Gitarre - Vol. 2

    Mechanical training für Gitarre - Vol. 2

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    Partitur in Englisch und Japanische


    In music, the choice of paint can be replaced with "physical capability", the image is "musicality" while the skill is the actual "technique". As a painter may create a desired tone of color by cleverly combining colors, when he or she only has limited choice, if you have a disadvantage regarding the length of your fingers in playing the guitar, you can also compensate for it by increasing their flexibility. Practice everyday, and your skill will without doubt improve. (It is hard to imagine that it will not, unless you have an accident.) If you want to interpret a musical piece of profound quality, technique will enable you to do so. Above all the most important thing in artistic creation is the image i.e. musicality, and because it does not become apparent to anyone, you could be subjected to the danger of deceiving even yourself. Attention should be given to the fact that technique is worse than useless without an image. I dedicate this to all guitarists who love the guitar.

    • Seitenzahl : 64
    • Code EAN : 9790560175294
    • Schwierigkeitsgrad : (6/8) Schwer
    • Ausgabeformat : Druckformat
    • Format : 21 x 29,7 cm
    • Material : Partitur
    • Volumen : Band 2
    • Datum der Veröffentlichung : 2005
    • Besetzung : Gitarre
    • Kategorie : Instrumentalpädagogik
    • Sprache : Englisch - Japanisch

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