Les Bandes de Hautbois

Les bandes de hautbois
Kollektion für Oboe - Hg. von Claude Villevieille The Oboes' Band (La Bande des Hautbois) and the "Perplexed Semitone Association" (Association bémols perplexes) were
created a long time before double-reed ensembles come back into fashion. Since their inception in 1994 they have been exploring and enlarging the repertoire of such ensembles, this with an ever renewed "greedy" curiosity. The present collection does reflect such "greediness". Through an  approach of repertoires without boundaries, this collection  
will offer new horizons to every "band leader", as well as new
opportunities to teachers for their pupils, from the beginners to the experts. The Oboe band's musicians, who are all members of the "Perplexed Semitone Association" (Association bémols perplexes) are happy to share and spread this repertoire.
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