Musique Sciences
Kollektion Musique/Sciences - Hg. von Jean-Michel Bardez & Moreno Andreatta Coedited by Les Editions Delatour France & L’Ircam-Centre Pompidou. The Musique/Sciences series contributes to our understanding of the relationship between two activities that have shared intimate links since ancient times: musical and scientific thought. The often-cited Quadrivium, music, astronomy, geometry, and arithmetic, reminds us that, in an age imbued with the spirit of the Gods, it was not uncommon to think of these two modes of thought as twins. During the twentieth century, music and science developed new links, establishing relationships with mathematics and opening new lines of musical research using information technology. Modeling, in its theoretical, analytical and compositional aspects, is more than ever at the center of a rich musicological debate whose philosophical implications enrich both musical and scientific knowledges. The pleasure of listening is not diminished when it is more active, more aware of certain generating ideas - au contraire.
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