Danser sa voix - E-book PDF

Practical manual of classical vocal technique

179 pages , 21 x 29,7 cm

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And if you sing?

Foreword by Marie-Ange Todorovitch

You are an enthusiastic amateur or professional singer and you feel the need to improve your classical singing skills while respecting your well-being.

Perhaps you are a teacher looking for a method to guide you. All of you are looking to understand the functionalities of the vocal apparatus and to develop fullness, purity of tone and virtuosity, while preserving the health of the voice.

What will you find in "The Practical Manual of Vocal Technique"?

Proven techniques, including breath practice specific to the lyric art, will allow you to connect the voice to the body and to play, like an instrumentalist, your inner voice. A panel of vocalizations perfectly analyzed and demonstrated in video will lead you to evolve and to progress your practice as much on the physical as on the vocal level. You will find a source of inspiration in a pedagogical approach of the meeting of the Self, which will lead you to become the creator of your "body-instrument".

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Language : French
Date of publication : 2023
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