Organ Prestige

Collection Organ Prestige
Collection for Organ directed by Frédéric Denis Organists are privileged to have almost five centuries of music available to them. This re­pertoire was developed over the course of time with elements such as geographical location and the evolution of the instrument profoundly affecting musicians in their time. One can nevertheless some­times regret that certain composers never wrote works for the organ. This can lead to an interest in transcriptions, as long as they are done faithfully. Transcriptions put great music originally destined for other instruments or for orchestras into the hands of organists. Looking at programs of concerts and recordings today, or of works taught in conservatories, one quickly finds that these programs revolve around basically the same groups of composers and works. There exists, however, a little-known body of works, either forgotten or unpublished, whose interest and quality are beyond reproach. The organists also doesn’t need to be satisfied with reper­toire already in existence. The instrument should continue to enrich its repertoire and reflect current times through contemporary works that are accessible both technically and musically. The Organ Prestige Collection seeks, therefore, to present a high-quality catalog of little­known or forgotten works for organ alone and also in combination with other instruments as well, to expand the repertoire with transcriptions and original works by contemporary composers. An em­phasis is put on the presentation of the score with page layouts that provide for easy reading and page turns.
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