Musique et Pédagogie

Collection directed by Jean-Michel Bardez. The transmission of knowledge or world views presupposes stages (and each “step” to be climbed takes us to the very edge of meaning…), transitions, gradual assimilation, adaptation of the entire memory, polysemy, continuous evolution and endless displacement of the self, achieved through critical distance, transgression and transversality. If we think of “double helix” stairways, we shouldn’t forget that there are always parallel terrains that are unconscious, encrypted or forbidden, whose apparently watertight partitions are awaiting transmutation. And keep in mind that all these “scalar” trajectories, no matter how narrow, spiral or winding they be, as they open up before us in the towers leading to certain organ platforms, to musical enjoyment founded on the broadest possible transformed memory, most often also provide an opening onto a magnificent view.

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