Le corps musicien : vers une méthode sensorielle de l'interprétation pianistique


Prefaced by Jean-Baptiste Nanta.

Under the light of research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology of music, this book offers a new perspective on the place of the body in musical learning, particularly in the construction of piano technique and, more broadly, interpretation. musical.

Can we optimize instrumental learning through the contributions of cognitive science? How do we mobilize our body to make music? How can awareness of perceptual and corporal processes help to improve an instrumental technique?

The body is the first instrument of the musician. Too often, he does not know how it works because he has never been taught. The integration of body experience into music pedagogy is gaining increasing interest and development in many countries. Despite this trend, in France, the place of the body in the teaching of music remains marginal or non-existent, and teaching by an intellectual approach remains the common practice.

For the author, the contributions of the cognitive sciences and body awareness are elements towards a sensory method of interpretation as well as the opening towards a more satisfactory, effective and fulfilled instrumental practice.

Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2019
Code EAN : 9782752103833
Output format : Printed format

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