Réflexions didactiques sur l'enseignement musical


The chapters in this book are aimed at music teachers, trainers and student teachers. They deal with subjects linked to the transmission of musical knowledge, whatever the specificities of the environments in which they intervene (national education or culture). They are the fruit of observations on teaching and training that I have been sharing with music teachers for many years. They offer food for thought and answers to certain questions raised by the didactics of musical practice.

What do we mean by the didactics of music teaching? Isn't it a matter of understanding practices linked to musical knowledge in order to transmit them? How do we teach these musical practices? Are the tools of didactics the only ones today that can help in the teaching and training of music teachers? What are the professional gestures of the musician-teacher, and what pedagogical practices can we imagine in the years to come?

We use various didactic and pedagogical tools to answer these questions, taking into account the contexts in which music teachers teach.

My hope is that this book will provide us, as music teachers, with an opportunity to reflect on the living processes of musical knowledge, and the questions they raise for us as we attempt to pass them on.

Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2016
Code EAN : 9782752102713
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