Pratiquer, enseigner la musique

Voies polyphoniques

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Under the direction of Sabine Chatelain, François Joliat and Pascal Terrien 

This book brings together eight texts on music education and teaching practice. It is intended for teaching professionals, cultural mediators, musicians, teacher-researchers, program managers and music students. Focusing on the teaching of music in schools and its various partners, the contributions of authors from Switzerland, Germany, France and Argentina address questions related to teacher training, collaboration between cultural and school actors and the evolution of the profession.

The tensions that can be felt between the identity of musician and teacher are at the heart of these questions: what are the epistemological and historical foundations of this teaching? How can the dual identity of musician and teacher be mobilized and developed in training? On what basis and with what objectives can music mediation projects be designed and carried out? How can we encourage collaboration between teachers and musicians, between generalist teachers and specialists? 

By giving voice to different actors who are involved in both training and research, we wish to nourish the debate on the professional identity of music teachers, which is constructed in various contexts of training and collaboration.

Texts by Céline Bouzenada Sottas, Thade Buchborn, Sabine Chatelain, Pierre-François Coen, Bérangère Dujardin, Roxane Erb, Ana Lucia Frega, Jürg Huber, François Joliat, Laure Kloetzer, Marcelle Moor, Stefanie Stadler Elmer and Pascal Terrien.

Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2022
Code EAN : 9782752104403
Output format : Printed format

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