Créer pour éduquer en faveur de la persévérance


Edited by Emeline Roy and Lola Papon

Dropping out of school is a long process and is often difficult to detect before it is actually observed. The factors can be academic, family, social or personal (Bernard, 2019; Blaya and Fortin, 2011; Bruno, Félix and Saujat, 2017). Today, the notion of school perseverance is used in preference to the terms "dropout" and "abandonment" in order to emphasize tenacity rather than failure (Gaudreault et al., 2018, p. 39). The growing body of research around this issue shows that it is a live issue, both scientifically and politically.  

The nine chapters of this book are structured around three areas: 1) transdisciplinary and intersectoral projects; 2) cultural and artistic education; and 3) digital and information and communication technologies (ICT). This compendium is based on the nomenclature of the mechanisms set up within the framework of partnerships between the National Education, local authorities and popular education associations. 

This book was produced by a team of researchers in educational sciences whose objective was to highlight, on the one hand, the multiplicity of forms of education through the arts and, on the other, the complexity of school retention. While the aim here is to offer various perspectives on these complex themes, it is above all a question of opening up different avenues of reflection that intersect and meet.

Texts by Alice Delserieys, Eric Tortochot, Sabrina Marchi, Corinne Jegou, Claire Coiffard Marre, Hélène Cheneval-Armand, Jérémy Castera, Pascale Brandt-Pomares, Miguel Rotenberg, Julie Gobert, Marie Lucy, Magali Coupaud, Pierre Colson, Sylvain Fabre, Mercedes Baugnies, Florence Lethurgez, Christine Faller, Pascal Terrien, Emeline Roy, Lola Papon, Véronique Barthélémy, Ana Costelo. 

Published with the support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2022
Code EAN : 9782752104434
Output format : Printed format

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