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I find it increasingly difficult to watch movies as a filmmaker. Just a dazed spectator. So I smoked 476 cigarettes. Drinck 6 bottles of tequila. Missed 253 phone calls. Took my head against the walls 14 times. Have laughed 23 times. Asked me questions. Lots of questions. The kind of question that does not make you sleep. Even when you went to bed. The kind of questions that makes you a little smarter. Or completely con. I forgot to eat again...


Laurent Bouhnik, bad boy of French cinema, is the director of seven feature films (Zonzon, Select Hotel, Q....), As much adored as he is hated. He decided to look at all the films in the Caesar box and report on it. He spares no one, neither his friends, nor himself in this experience which goes far beyond a simple film viewing. Constantly questioning what a film should be, and much more, about what a work of art is, he stresses the limits of a breathless system, unable to produce anything but for television or for a cinema money pump lick. With a very addictive style, removed and mocking, sometimes cruel, sometimes with a captivating grace, the reader accompanies it in a madness of images and sensations from which no one comes out unscathed.


Collection La voix du papier

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