Ouvrages d'Ars for harpsichord and guitar

12 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm

Harpsichord and guitar


In 1991, the writing free of this score is a little bit unusual in my way of approaching the chamber music. Indeed, it always seemed to me delicate to propose opened forms, or proportional rhythmic organization in small ensemble. As regards Ouvrages d'Ars consisted at the request of the duet Kalliopê, the choice of this mode of writing was planned.

Composer and interpreters working often together from the first readings, breakaway of the dry aspect of the score, a reflection could settle down on the internal organization, its analysis, the liberties, for example in the proportion of the measures and their effective durations (the indicated total duration is the one of the recording), the deployment inside determined ambitus, or on the improvisation, among others. We touched the oral transmission to find a score after all more written and less opened than he appeared to it.


Audio CD included

Duration : 00:06:09
Material : Score with Audio CD
Date of publication : 2010
CD/DVD included : Etinger Isabel (Guitar), CLOOTS Nathalie (Harpsichord)
Style : Contemporary
Code EAN : 9790232104614
Level : (6/8) Difficult
Output format : Printed format

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