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Beethoven's Sonatas - 4 sonatas

Pathétique - Moonligth - Waldstein - Appassionata

68 pages , 21 x 29,7 cm


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In the history of piano music, the 32 sonatas of L.V. Beethoven  represent an essential repertoire.

Beethoven composed his first sonata in 1796, and the last one in 1822 . This work was written during this quarter of a century,a pivotal period after the french revolution and up to the beginning of romanticism, and was  designated as the new testament by Hans von Bülow, the old one being, represented by the well tempered keyboard of J-S Bach.

Hans von Bülow, great pianist, conductor and one time, son in law of Franz Liszt, established three periods concerning the composition of these masterpieces. First period until the fifteenth , the second until the twenty seventh opus 90, represented by the last five sonatas (101 to 111). Before speaking about interpretation, style, touch of course essential in the interpretation of these sonatas, it is still necessary to master the text. It is the goal sought in this work which will be presented in 2 volumes. The first one with exercises concerning the movements of the first fifteen sonatas, the second one with preparations for playing the seventeen other sonatas.

This work represents the outcome of a research put into practice during more  than forty years at the CRR of Tours. It is the freedom obtained by the practice of these exercises that the interpreter (student at the conservatoire, in music school or alone without a teacher) will then be able to work the touch in a mastered style, the mechanical blockages being removed. Free from apprehensions in front of certain difficulties, the interpreter will then be able to experience great pleasure to live these masterpieces.  

Sonates 1 à 15 - Volume 1

Sonates 16 à 32 - Volume 2

4 Sonates (Pathétique - Clair de lune - Waldstein - Appassionata)

Material : Score
Language : French - English
Date of publication : 2023
Style : Classical
Code EAN : 9790232117690
Level : (5 to 7/8) Medium to difficult
Output format : Printed format

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