Backstage mysteries of body and mind

188 pages , 14,8 x 21 cm

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Agnès de Brunhoff is an artist of many talents – singer, pianist and composer – who now works as Alexander Technique teacher and coach to distinguished singers, instrumentalists and actors. She has worked all her life applying her talents and hugely diverse artistic experience in her impressively effective version of the Alexander Technique. This richly varied and original career, her profound understanding of what it takes to make an artist, allied to her un agging devotion to research, combine to make Agnès de Brunhoff the ineffably valuable and internationally renowned coach she is.

This,AgnèsdeBrunhoff’ssecondbook,goesfurtherthanherinitialpresentation, in her book On Stage!, of her artistic approach and her method of applying the Alexander Technique in her teaching and artistic practice. It is a call to arms: we must urgently rethink our relationship with our body,as a partner as much in our work - in music and on the stage - as in our everyday life. We must act to protect ourselves in today’s all-engul ng, ever-accelerating, ultra-stressful, consumerist society.

This book describes Agnès de Brunhoff ’s fascinating career, guiding those who have come to her to help them connect with their true artistic identity, be this theatrical, vocal or instrumental. It describes the tools she has developed over decades of research with artists, working out what they require in order to blossom. This book addresses the oft-ignored need to take time - the time required for us to connect with our deepest self. It takes a new look at the artist in today’s world, and presents an innovative approach to education.

Material : Book
Language : English
Date of publication : 2018
Code EAN : 9782752103550
Output format : Printed format
Category : Instrumental pedagogy

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