Floppy blue for 2 players and 4 recorders

16 (score) + 16 (1 part.) pages , 21 x 29,7 cm

2 players et 4 recorders



Floppy Blue was commissioned by two young, talented recorder players for the final of the international Competition in Utrecht where they were prize-winners. I thought that the piece should be difficult, bringing into play various techniques and means of expression of which I knew they would be more than capable whilst having some fun.

A short, slightly bluesy-jazzy theme is dealt with in multiple ways: in accompanied melody, in counterpoint, dislocated, in sound effects, in canon, and then, after a more lyrical passage, in a kind of delirious stretto.

The playing starts on the bass recorders to end, after two changes of instruments, with 4 high recorders, each player having to play two instruments simultaneously, inevitably in rather rhythmically identical but melodically different parts, the whole being spiced up with a short improvised passage and a little polyrhythm.

Duration : 00:10:00
Material : Score and parts
Date of publication : 2011
Style : Modern
Code EAN : 9790232105963
Level : (7/8) Difficult
Output format : Printed format

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