About author : MALHAIRE Philippe



Philippe Malhaire holds an Agrégation in Music and a Doctorate in Music and Musicology from the Sorbonne University. He is currently director of the collection Musics in question(s) published by L’Harmattan, co-editor-in-chief (with Anthony Girard) of the musical journal Pour les sonorités opposées – aesthetics and musical analysis of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Specialized in modernity and postmodernity, he is notably a recognized theorist of polytonality.

Philippe Malhaire’s works do show an extremely sensitive musical personality led by a great firmness of mind and moved by a deep ideal. He is one of these composers who are aware today of the necessity of integrating into a modern discourse contrapuntal and harmonious wealth inherited from the tradition : novelty at all costs is for him an overtaken concept.

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