About author : CAILLETEAU Fabien


Pianist and improviser Fabien Cailleteau has a passion for the collective! From four hands to ensemble, multi-instrumental or various keyboard machines, including the toy piano. With the Sinfonia Project, the four-hand piano with Céline Roulleau becomes a field of connections, where styles meet, from baroque to pop, mixing interpretation, arrangement and improvisation.

At the same time, art and pedagogy feed off each other: as a teacher at the Saint-Denis conservatory, Fabien Cailleteau experiments with collective teaching within the piano team.

Over the past ten years or so, the subject has taken many forms across cycles and situations. Traces of this can be found on the Piano ma non solo website and in the book La Classe unique, which chronicles the experience of the global 1st cycle course.

He also works regularly with students at ESMD Lille and Pôle Sup'93, as well as with numerous conservatory teachers.

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