Musiques au monde - La tradition au prisme de la création

324 pages , 17,5 x 25,5 cm

Collection Musique-Pouvoirs



Far from the cliché of "world music," but also the opposite of "emergency" ethnomusicology that brandishes the threat of "traditional" musics' extinction, this collection of articles focuses on the strategies used by musical actors to firmly inscribe themselves in modernity-their ability to act musically on the world, to move forward, or on the contrary, to bend the homogenization process that affects cultures and transforms them into consumer goods-in the North as well as in the South. Studying the notion of musical creation from locally observed situations, this book aims at making known these singular individuals who compose music, their trajectory, their part in society, and their potential political impact.


Texts by Sarah Andrieu, Clara Biermann, Didier Francfort, Fabienne Samson, Emmanuelle Olivier, Esteban Buch, Catherine Servan-Schreiber, Guillaume Samson, Élina Djebbari, Marie Tholon et Juan Paulhiac.


Collection Musique/Pouvoirs

Material : Book
Language : French
Date of publication : 2012
Code EAN : 9782752101235
Category : Musicology - Analysis

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