Une histoire des arts en chansons (FULL SCORE)

120 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm

Mixed choir (SATB) and chamber orchestra

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Dominique Ritter's History of the Arts is an invitation to curiosity, knowledge and learning! A veritable "choral opera", this corpus of fifteen polyphonic songs accompanied by a piano and a small orchestra invites the listener to wander through the main cultural and artistic revolutions from Antiquity to the present day.

The pedagogical dimension of the work is undeniable and it is quite natural that the work was conceived for children's voices of the "Maîtrise" type... which obviously does not exclude its use by adult mixed choirs! Written for the most part for three voices (soprano, alto and men), these songs offer a panoramic view of the evolution of the different arts through a judicious choice of dates, events and quotations (as many creators as creations), through the use here and there of an adequate musical and stylistic language, Dominique Ritter wants to propose a wide range of tools that can help learners and why not teachers to reflect on the great artistic and human adventure!

As far as musical quotations are concerned, one will recognize in "From Baroque to Bossa", the trumpet tune from the second Brandenburg concerto (third movement) by J.S. Bach. "From classicism to romanticism" alludes to the piano concerto No. 5 "The Emperor" and the symphony No. 7 by Beethoven ...

Material : Full score
Language : French
Date of publication : 2016
Style : Contemporary
Code EAN : 9790232114460
Level : (3/8) Easy
Output format : Printed format
Category : Musical

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