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Beethoven's Sonatas - The keys to play them - vol. 2


After the sucesses of Haydn  and Mozart, Beethoven definitively gave the piano sonata its noble letters. As we saw in the first volume, Hans von Bülow and other pianists divided Beethoven’s work into three periods from 1796 to 1803, the second to 1815, and the third to 182, the year of publication of the thirty second piano sonata. 

The second volume of exercises on Beethoven ‘s sonatas will cover works from the sixteenth sonata opus 31 to the thirty second opus 111. It was after opus 31 that Beethoven stopped grouping his sonatas under a single opus. He wrote: «I am not very happy with what I have learned so far. From now on I want to open a new path». In the second manner, Beethoven seems to want to move away from the Haydnian classical heritage, notably with the use of effects. 

The twenty-eighth sonata opens what is usually referred to as the third manner. It is sometimes called the first romantic sonata. It was said at the time of the publication of the Hammerklavier sonata opus 106, that this sonata would not be played for another fifty years. Because of the difficulties encountered. The break with the previous world is definitively asserted. It is in a two movement sonata in C major that Beethoven concludes this quartet of a century that will greatly change the history of the piano. 

As in the first volume, the exercises tested on several generations of students will allow pianists in difficulty, to free from blockages, to interpret the sonata by concentrating on the phrasing, the touch, and finally will bring them the pleasure of playing. 

Sonates 1 à 15 - Volume 1

Sonates 16 à 32 - Volume 2

4 Sonates (Pathétique - Clair de lune - Waldstein - Appassionata)

Material : Score
Language : French - English
Date of publication : 2023
Style : Classical
Code EAN : 9790232117683
Level : (5 to 7/8) Medium to difficult
Output format : Printed format
Volume : Volume 2

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