About author : PAULEAT Jean-François

PAULEAT Jean-François

A musician with very eclectic tastes, a recorder and oboe player, and a lover of the English horn, Jean-François PAULEAT has had courses in harmony and orchestrations as well. At a very young age, he chose to teach instruments but also on musical formations. He did this out of pleasure and not out of necessity, setting himself the challenge to motivate children in a subject often described as boring.

At the age of seventeen, he drew attention to himself by creating his own amateur instrumental ensemble. He also took his first steps in arranging, composing and conducting. His competence was quickly recognised, and he was entrusted with the Voulx School of Music, where he rapidly set up a junior orchestra.

To this day, he has written around fifty compositions for a variety of musical formations: trio, oboes sections, string quartets, symphony and harmony orchestras, piano solos, recorder ensembles, etc…

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